Instructions to fund your Special Needs Trust.

  1. Please send in a signed Social Security card prior to sending funding. The bank must return funds/checks if a Social Security card is not on file.
  2. All funds must be sent to the bank directly. Do not mail funds to our office.

Wiring Instructions

Wells Fargo Bank
420 Montgomery St.

SanFrancisco CA  94104

ABA: 121000248

First Clearing LLC

1 North Jefferson
St Louis, MO 63103
Account:  4122023377
Additional Instructions : “Further Credit To: C.P.T 3482-5554”


Mailing Instructions

Send funding checks to:

Wells Fargo Advisors
11300 State Road 54
Trinity, FL 34655

*ALL Checks Made Payable To: CPT as Trustee F.B.O. “Client’s Full Name

*All checks and annuity payments must be titled the same. No fee payment required in advance. The trust setup fees and the first year’s administration fee will be taken from trust seed money.